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Volle maan: loslaten wat je niet meer nodig hebt met deze meditatie

Vanavond is het volle maan. Het moment om stil te staan bij waar je dankbaar voor bent. Maar ook bij wat je los wilt laten. De (gratis) meditatie-app Insight Timer heeft hier een hele fijne meditatie voor. Het is één van mijn favoriete meditaties. En ik vind de tekst zo mooi, dat ik hem gedeeltelijk voor je heb uitgeschreven. Wil jij iets loslaten? Lees dan deze prachtige tekst en doe vanavond de meditatie via Insight Timer. Namasté.

Learning to surrender

Door: Sarah Blondin

“The night comes and we give ourselves permission to disolve into the rest of darkness. We let go of all the valleys and rivers we wish to cross and our dreams for some distant future.

We allow ourselve the gift of rest. Returning to the calmness of our breath, the silence of our minds and the heavenly dance of the nights curious dreams.

When we wake in the morning, as our eyes open, we slowly begin to step back into our minds voice. We dress ourselves, not just in clothing, but with all the things we needly placed on our bedside while we slept.

We look outside our windows longingly for our place in the stars. Not noticing that we are the ones waying ourselves down.

volle maan

Subconsiously we adorn ourselves in yesterdays news. And the rejuvenation we have earned from our sleep, is quickly exchanged for heavy and wornout ideas of what our lives could look like, if only somehow we could get to where we were going.

We walk invisibly cocooned, with all the things we which to control.

We think that, by keeping these things close, we will be able to manage them. If we keep our worries in plain sight, we will have less of a chance of them coming true. While in fact the very act of doing so, is causing us to live the things we are trying to avoid.

Surrender means: to give up, abandon, relinquish, to wave the white flag. What a beautifully devine word. A word we should choose for ever we can remember for as the story goes;

We are not in control

We are floating on a cosmic river, carried from the stars into our mothers wombs, out in to the world where we then resume the same course, only now grounded in body.

If we continiously release our need for controlling the flow and stop ourselfs from worrying about rocks we may hit, we allow devine grace to enter our lifes.

The more we trust the journey itself, the more fluid and joyful live becomes.

The more we constrict, the more burden we pick up along the way, the dancer we become. The more we sink like rocks to the bottom of the river. We then ground ourself in the turbelent waters, rather then allowing ourselves to be carried into the calm cool waters.

Instead of feeling fear of all that may come bouncing forth from the unknown, feel intrigued , delited even, that something new is being born at every second.

What we are trying so hard to avoid, or hold in place, may in fact be our dreams trying to come into form.

volle maan

There will be moments in your life, that all will seem chaos and disharmony and in those moments, you must remember:

The universe is reordering your life to match more of what you are calling for.

Wait not in fear while this happens, for it is a necessary part of the birthing process. Keep feath, trust, work with continued heart intention, but let go when it asks and take peace in the unfolding.

Fear is useless in these times. Trust however, is paramount

While we are co-creating with our lifes, we are also at its mercy. And learning to trust it is in our favor, does not mean we stop creating our best life. It does not mean we give up in the face of adversity or stress. We simply let go of the hold it has on us and our fysical body”.

volle maan

In de originele tekst begint hier de meditatie. Ik heb enkele mooie zinnen uit deze meditatie gehaald:

See how your fears do not serve you. Let them go. Acknowledge that you are being weight down and choose, even for this moment, to surrender.

Surrender to the beauty trying to unfold. The beauty trying to bring you to that far out land of dreams, where you’ve been looking outside of yourself for.

Understand that it’s been trying to take you there all along. Now get out of your own way and allow it to. Let yourselve be releaved by the journey that is your life unfolding.

Surrender, dear one, surrender

Je kunt de volledige meditatie gratis luisteren in de app Insight Timer. Probeer het vanavond, tijdens volle maan, voordat je gaat slapen. Klik onderin het menu van de app op ‘Meditation’ en zoek vervolgens naar ‘Learning to Surrender’ met de fijne stem van Sarah Blondin. Enjoy ♥

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  • Reply
    maart 22, 2022 at 9:24 am

    Ik zocht op de voor mij ‘beroemde’ woorden van Sarah en vond toevallig dit.
    Op papier voelen de woorden toch weer anders dan ze luisteren.
    Mooi om te lezen!

    Ik vermoed wel dat het ‘heart intention’ is, en niet ‘hard intention’.

    • Reply
      augustus 19, 2022 at 6:56 pm

      Hi Ellen, sorry voor mijn late reactie. Ik zie je berichtje nu pas. Ja wat een mooie woorden he, zo bijzonder. En dank voor je feedback haha oeps. Meteen aangepast. Liefs, Gerdine

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